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Friday, 10 June 2011

Esther's TES Round Up - INTRO

It's time to get organised. For too long I have had the TES delivered on a Friday, only to still not have touched it after a month plus. And so they build up. Piles of untouched TES papers, still in their transparent light reflecting plastic covers, getting out of date each day that I don't touch them, and reducing the amount of available sitting space in my lounge. My desire to stay on top of events and changes in the world of educational reduced to a tattered dream.

Then comes some spare time and a morning is spent ripping open the plastic of anything from 5-10 TES copies, sifting through for useful or interesting articles in both the paper and the magazine, throwing out the FE section, deciding whether to route though the job section or not, recycling any paper wastage... and what am I left with? A brain full of information only for 80% to be forgotten by tomorrow, and piles of paper sorted into different themed cuttings from the paper (ICT Resources, MFL teaching ideas, proposed curriculum changes, how the teenagers' brain works, creative teaching and learning theories etc...). And then what am I left with? Piles of paper sorted into different themed cuttings from the paper left to get dusty until I have time "to really digest the information and read in more detail" or "to do something with the information within". Oh so many best laid plans...

So enough.

I shall from hereonin create a regular (?) blog entry called "Esther's TES Round Up" within which I shall store a summary of key points of interest from that edition. This shall therefore remain forever to hand in electronic format thereby reducing the need for extra piles of paper at my home. I hope...

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