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Monday, 8 March 2010

ICT in MFL Presentation

On the 22nd February 2010 I delivered a presentation to the whole school teaching staff re our developments in the use of of ICT in MFL. The idea was to share our ideas across the school and to inspire the use of web 2.0 tools in education to address the knowledge that will be coming up from primary levels of education in years to come (if not indeed now). Here is the presentation - spot the members of staff dotted along various slides...


Valerie McIntyre said...

Brill Esther - i need to do something like this for our teachers - we are some way behind you but what you have done is inspirational. Congratulations to you and the team - how great to have the whole team pulling in the same direction. More power to your elbow!


Hi Val.

Thank you for your comment and encouragement. Yes they are a great team.

The presentation took me a while (hours!) to put together and I had to cut alot out as had 30 mins to speak but could have said alot more. It's a shame I didn't record it at the time to allow the notes that went with it to be heard aswell. Perhaps I'll record some of the notes in retrospect to go with this blog post if I get a mo.

Do say if you want any of the slides already made and which numbers if so. Simon Howells wanted a copy but it's too large to send via email.

Tweet soon!


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