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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Just discovered where you can make creative word clouds. However, the code they gave me for the one I created doesn't seem to work in this post box. Here is the link for the time being until I work it out...

Got it! Needs to be in an HTML gadget on the right....

Check out Tom Barrett's Edublog for "Thirty-Eight Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom".


Sam said...

Hi Esther

You might like my post on Wordle in MFL then!


aka @spanishsam


Hi Sam

That's great - thanks for the link. I went into school the next day to try it out with the pupils - had to get the site unblocked by our ICT guys, but even so the site doesn't work due to (I'm guessing) firewall issues. I had access to making them myself but unfortunately no student access yet. I do like the capabilities of it though as you show on your blog. I will investigate some more into our access at school.

Speak / twitter soon!

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