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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

International Edublogger 562

It's official! I've been accepted into the International Edubloggers Directory, member number 562!

Thank you Patricia!


Liz said...

Hi Hippy

Please consider coming to our free British Council event in Birmingham on March 27 - see for the programme.

If you can stay on till 4pm and participate in a consultation that is about using ICT for real and relevant global learning - flagged as ISA- The Future - please do register for the event and email me to let me know you are coming. I will be able to reimburse travel costs.


Liz said...

Sorry, I meant Esther, not Hippy!


Hi Liz

Unfortunately I have a French exchange partner over at that time so it will be difficult to coordinate getting the time to travel there and back. Thank you for the invitation though and I'll get in touch if the situation changes. I'd be interested in any information available after the event although I understand if it is only for attendees.

Best regards


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